About DECI


DECI was founded by Hal Dunegan, a name familiar to all you experienced Acoustic Emission users for companies that go back more than 25 years in Acoustic Emission, such as Dunegan Corporation and Dunegan Endevco.

Hal Dunegan with his friends and associates bring the same dedication for quality and continuous improvement to Acoustic Emission Products and Solutions that they have been long performing.

On these pages you will find some solutions as old as applied Acoustic Emission, such as the SE150-M sensor (the 150 kHz resonate sensor that has proven useful in so may different applications), but with improvements, such as shock rings and refined sensor potting material and methods. This and the other DECI sensors combine the same old sensitivity with a new-found ruggedness and reliability. We at DECI strive to maintain the historically proven AE products and continue to improve performance with time.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. Let DECI add its AE experience to your project!


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